23 Comedians to watch in 2023

Alas, it is undeniably Twenty-Twenty-Three. With that established, may we move toward the next task? Huzzah! We shall commence in naming the Twenty and Three comedians we think you should direct your eyes towards on this, the year (undeniably) Twenty-Twenty-Three.

We gathered these folks, with love,  to say that they’re some of the best out there. Big things are coming for them. Book them, watch them, tip them, support them. If you don’t, you’ll be missing out on the best comedy out there! Click their names to read more and fall in love!

  1. Nori Reed

  2. Rose Kelso

  3. Alison Leiby

  4. Laura High

  5. Kari Burt

  6. Stacy Cay

  7. Gara Lonning

  8. Michelladonna

  9. Asha Ward

  10. Ariel Elias

  11. The Full Frontal Team

  12. Lizzie Sivitz

  13. Holmes

  14. Sofia Dobrushin

  15. Joyelle Nicole Johnson

  16. Sheria Mattis

  17. 2 Girls 3 Feet

  18. Sureni Weerasekera

  19. Bethany Van Delft

  20. Dana Donnelly

  21. Brittany Carney

  22. Ever Mainard

  23. Kristina Feliciano