Full Frontal’s team is on the rise!

Full Frontal’s team is iconic to the entire comedy world of NYC. 

After seven glorious years, Samantha Bee’s show was sadly canceled this year due to, IDK, sexism and douchebags at the Network or something? But for a long time, it has been the gold standard in equitable workplaces. It is well known as THE late-night show women, people of color, and queer folks can get a leg up into the industry. 

Because of that, when the show was canceled, a golden trough of talent was suddenly not so booked, not so busy. 

The Full Frontal team is full (frontal) of gems. When looking for comedians to watch, we couldn’t pick just one. Go forth, read the Twitter threads, and find all your new obsessions. They won’t just get you through the 2016 election, they’ll get you through anything.