Laura High is one to watch!

Laura High is “what happens when a woman needs to become a mother and a man needs $200,” says … Laura High. Laura is a skilled standup comic, a SAG-AFTRA actor, a prolific TikTok-er (16.2m likes!)—and an advocate for others who, like her, were conceived via donor sperm. 

She uses her platform and her comedy to educate and call for action on issues—such as fertility fraud and access to medical records—that matter to donor-conceived people, parents exploring or using the option, and even prospective donors themselves. She herself has a type of tumor that may be connected to her paternal genes, and is fighting to access records that could shed some light. 

All that, and she is WICKED FUNNY. Watch for her to carve out an even bigger comedy/advocacy niche this year—and for her in-the-works show, “Insemination.”