Here at GOLD, we have year-round course offerings. Our courses come in two sizes: most of our flagship classes are included in your yearly membership ($399/year), making GOLD the most affordable AND welcoming comedy school around. Our flagship standup, sketch, and improv courses are all in a regular monthly rotation.


We also offer GOLD Label courses, which include six months of GOLD club (and all the goodies therein) and are priced separately from the yearly membership. These courses are more immersive and taught by high-level instructors like Emmy and Peabody-winning producer Ryan Cunningham (Broad City, Search Party, Inside Amy Schumer).


If you have any questions about our course offerings or want to know which GOLD classes are right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out at

  • Comedy About Trauma

    Learn what it takes to turn your darkest moments into a standup/storytelling set with the power to reveal and heal. This course is a supportive space to try your hand at what incredible comedians have been doing for decades--bringing light to the shadows. Spots are very limited; previous standup or storytelling experience is required.

    Carolyn is fabulous! She’s an awesome cheerleader but also challenges everyone in just the way they need.

    Dian S.

    Carolyn Castiglia

    Included in your yearly subscription.

    April 13, 2024

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  • Advanced Sketch Writing

    Conquer character monologues, break the boundaries of sketch formula, engage deeper with your work, and dip into the endless well of free-writing.

    Maggie is hilarious, smart, and ANYONE can benefit from sketch skills!

    Margit D.

    Maggie Scudder

    Included in your yearly subscription.

    March 19, 2024

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  • Standup Bootcamp

    Our LIVE, interactive Standup Boot Camp course is the fastest and funniest way to GET or IMPROVE the TOOLS AND SKILLS you need to write new jokes unique and original to you. Whether you've done some standup (or other comedy) and want to take it to the next level, or are just ready to find your funny and share it with the world, our unique and proven approach will get you there. All in our collaborative, supportive, bro-vibe-free space with an experienced teacher and classmates/new pals who are HERE for you to succeed.

    I absolutely love taking courses with Elsa Eli. They are energetic and funny. I learn a lot just by listening and watching their comedy during class and outside class.

    Rahkie M.

    Elsa Eli Waithe

    Included in your yearly subscription.

    March Dates Coming Soon

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