About GOLD

How can we raise a new crop of women confident enough in themselves and their humor to not just poke, but power-drill, holes in the world’s most powerful institutions? The answer may lie with ... GOLD Comedy.

Leah Fessler, Quartz

GOLD Comedy is the comedy school, creative network, and content platform for women/non-binary folks* who want to turn their sense of humor into their superpower.

We believe that comedy is power. When you write a joke, you reassemble reality. When you tell a joke, you’ve got the stage, the mic, the punch. When you make people laugh, you make people listen.

Comedy times are changing, but still: Women (and other non-straight cis white dudes) don’t have equal access to that power, for themselves or in society…because patriarchy! So GOLD puts women first, because comedy does not. And the more women do comedy, the more women define comedy. The more women define comedy, the more women are taken seriously. And! *trumpet sound* When we change the face of comedy, we change the face of power.

Founded by Lynn Harris in 2016, GOLD started as online resources—including the first and only online comedy course designed for teen girls—plus live comedy classes/events for teen girls in New York City. It is now the one-stop online shop for women/non-binary folks all over the world who want to be their funniest selves.

GOLD’s community, classes, content, celebrity Q&As, collaboration, open mics, and performance opportunities build skills, career paths, and visibility for women in today’s most relevant forms of comedy—expanding and diversifying tomorrow’s talent pool.

**GOLD is an inclusive community. We especially welcome all women-identified (cis and trans), non-binary, and non-gender-conforming humans who want to be their funniest selves.

What’s it like inside the club?

Take a sneak peek in this walkthrough for new members with Kristina, GOLD’s community manager.