About GOLD

Being part of the GOLD community, with women building bright careers in entertainment, or just adding the magic of comedy to their lives, has changed the course of my life.

Lindsay Scola (writer, producer, social impact strategist)

GOLD Comedy is the comedy school, professional community, and content studio where women + non-binary folks grow their comedy careers and creative side hustles, build powerful networks, and make funny stuff. Our classes, celebrity speaker series, digital shorts teams, mics, shows, and more build expertise, careers, and resumes for women and other “others” who are chasing showbiz dreams or all the other opportunities and outlets that comedy provides. 

Why GOLD? Times have changed—you may have heard that women can be Ghostbusters now!—but…not enough. Dudes still dominate the comedy world and access to it.

  • Twice as many ads feature men being funny versus women. 
  • All five major late-night hosts are cis white men. Bruh. 
  • Standup lineups are still up to 70% men. 
  • Amy Schumer is STILL the only woman ever to make the Forbes 100 list of top-earning comedians. 
  • SNL has hired two sketch teams to make digital shorts. Both are all white dudes. 

We love these guys! Some of our best friends are very funny men! 

But still. Even though women are more and more visible in comedy, men still control and define it. And as long as comedy is defined by men, it’s not designed for women (or anyone else). 

That’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re here for YOU.

BRAGGING: Rachel Dratch is an advisor, and our guests + mentors have included Margaret Cho, Paula Pell, Judy Gold, Rachel Bloom, Ashley Nicole Black, Patti Harrison, Paula Pell, Bridget Everett, and staffers from The Daily Show, SNL, A Black Lady Sketch Show, Broad City, Search Party, Inside Amy Schumer, and more. 

Founded by award-winning-writer-producer-strategist-creator-multihyphenate Lynn Harris in 2016, GOLD started as online resources—including the first and only online comedy course designed for teen girls—plus live comedy classes/events for teen girls in New York City.

Join GOLD and join the talent/content/power pipeline for funny women.

*GOLD is an inclusive community. We especially welcome women (trans and cis), non-binary folks, non-gender-conforming humans, and anyone else who considers themselves an "other" in comedy, and/or the world.

What’s it like inside the club?

Take a sneak peek in this walkthrough for new members with Kristina, GOLD’s community manager.