Kristina Feliciano is one to watch!

Finally, my opportunity to wax poetic on Kristina Feliciano. My glorious coworker, my hilarious friend, and one of the most natural, talented actresses that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Brooklyn-born and -bred, my hero (Kristina) now lives outside of Boston. So, if you ever find yourself pahking your cahr in hahrvahd yahd–try HARD to find a show she’s booked on. It’s worth it every G-D time. 

I don’t want to brag (I actually do), but I have very discerning taste. After a decade of doing comedy, I can tell you that Kristina is a rare talent. She’s hysterical and addicting–qualities of all the best comics. You can’t look away from a performing Kristina. You can’t! She has that *thing*. You know the one. We all do! We just can’t name it, exactly. And we definitely can’t learn it. (Bummer!) But Kristina has it in SPADES. 

I had the pleasure of producing a web series (Pepper and Mickey will be out soon!) that stars Kristina. She’s a gift to have on set–both a moving actress and a warm and congenial leading lady. She’s a star, so remember the name and put some G-D respect on it. Or you’ll have me and hundreds of GOLDies to deal with! We all love her. 

Kristina Feliciano is one of a kind. Book her now. Book her often.