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7 in 10 girls believe that they are, in some way, “not good enough.” (For more information, see patriarchy.) We use comedy to change that—helping young women boost confidence, smash perfectionism, write sharper, think faster, and command any stage. All with no drink minimum!

  • Comedy is for women

    Girls and women are TOLD to be quiet, serious, perfect. Girls and women WANT to be loud, funny, THEMSELVES.

  • Comedy is for YOU

    What makes you DIFFERENT is what makes you FUNNY. What makes you FUNNY is what makes you STRONG.

  • Comedy is power

    When you make people laugh, you make people listen. Let’s build a world where people listen to girls.

What is GOLD?

The GOLD Comedy club is an all-inclusive comedy world centering young women and non-binary folks. Your annual subscription includes classes, celebrity Q&As, performances, practice and collaboration—all in a (safe, ad-free) community of people who get you and your jokes. All levels welcome.

  • Meet

    Anyone can watch tutorials on YouTube. But it is rare and hard to find your community of comedy nerds—to inspire you, cheer you on, and laugh with you. (Until now.)

  • Learn

    Supercharge your funny with the latest comedy styles and techniques taught by experts in live classes and live events.

  • Perform

    Get your comedy out of your head/notebook and into the WORLD. We’ll get you the experience and exposure you need to do this for real, and skills that serve you for life.

What you get.

  • Unlimited access to online classes in all kinds of comedy
  • Exclusive live Q&As with comedy stars
  • Feedback on your work from pros and peers
  • Performances and open mics
  • Networking and connections for real life gigs
  • 24/7 access to your friendly new comedy crew

All for one annual price: $299.99—probably less than a single class at...some other place! Plus: no ads or add-ons!

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Comedy stars A your burning Qs live in our private weekly events! Squee!

  • Ashley Nicole Black

    Ashley Nicole Black

  • Rachel Bloom

    Rachel Bloom

  • Aline Brosh McKenna

    Aline Brosh McKenna

  • Rachel Dratch

    Rachel Dratch

  • Judy Gold

    Judy Gold (no relation)

  • Maeve Press

    Maeve Press

  • Milly Tamarez

    Milly Tamarez

  • Negin Farsad

    Negin Farsad

  • Ophira Eisenberg

    Ophira Eisenberg

  • X Mayo

    X Mayo

Hearts of GOLD

  • GOLD Comedy has helped me improve as a comedian and performer. The feedback is both supportive and constructive. I have made friends from all over that love comedy as much as I do. Ms. Lynn Harris is a superwoman who is changing the world. Don’t miss out and come be a part of it!

    Liv Talley, Dumb Beach Town, NJ
  • God, it sounds so super silly but GOLD literally is the answer to my prayers. GOLD is giving me not just the confidence but the tools (classes, performances, direct feedback) to do exactly what I’ve always wanted to do: hone my persona and write smart jokes. The safe beautiful open mic is absolutely my faaaave. I wish I had something funny to close this but all I have are tears of gratitude.

    Megan Phillips, Vancouver, BC
  • GOLD, thank you from the bottom of my heart for building this platform and being an advocate for funny women in a safe environment, and yes you can quote me—hell, I’ll give my first kid if you want it.

    Bonita Elery, Louisville, Kentucky
  • We saw a tangible shift in our daughter’s confidence after one day with GOLD. It has helped shape her understanding of her own voice, the beautiful power within her, and—uch, I’m getting choked up!

    Tessa Abedon’s mom (Emily Abedon), Sullivan’s Island, SC
  • Before joining GOLD, I would write something I thought was funny, and then no one would hear it. Because of GOLD, that'll never happen again!

    Kelly Kenlon, Southampton, NY
  • We all get to give feedback and we’re allowed to make period jokes! This is even better than I expected!

    Sally Rae Emke, Brooklyn, NY