How to find a gig that lets you gig #AveryExplains

Dear Avery,

I am a recent grad who is finding myself in the hardest job market ever. I have become the stereotype that I so greatly have feared my entire life – an unemployed comedian. Do you have any advice on how to get a job, how to stay sane, and how to prevent myself from selling feet pics?

Your Friend,


Dear Unemplotting, 

Love this question, It’s so true to my life right now it’s almost like I wrote it myself…. If you’re like me at this moment in time, you are deep in the trenches. You’re emailing your dad’s friend’s soccer coach’s nephew because he once worked as a PA on Below Deck. You’re listening to Bachelor podcast episodes from 10 years ago just to not have to be alone with the voices in your head. The last time you sat down to write a joke was so long ago that you used a quill and ink. We’ve, and I especially I, have all been there. But chin up, you’re joining a list of other great unemployed comedians. I can’t think of them right now, but they must exist. Now although I can’t land you your dream job, I can give you some tips on what to do to feel like you’re doing the right things, because that’s close enough.

Try everything once

In Sex and the City, Samantha said that she’s a try-sexual. That means you have to try out every side of the unemployment lifestyle to find which one is best for you. You can be the depressed one who cries a lot, hate watches LinkedIn, and spends a record 8 hours on reels a day. You can be the delusional one, who buys success crystals, manifests in a Target journal, and doesn’t walk under ladders. All this character roleplay will eventually lead you to the character who actually believes in themselves, sticks to a schedule and actively is on the hunt for jobs. You’ll still be playing a character though so don’t worry. 

Find humor in your pain 

All comedians have an unconscious rule that the more sad you are, the funnier you are. I’ve tried to dispute this claim in AA a while back, but it still is kind of true. So by not writing jokes, you’re throwing away golden material! It’s time to channel your sadness into some ironic slam poetry, or a satire piece on if you had to trade lives with people who work in finance. This could be a perfect tight 5 about living with your parents, which will kill at open mics because it’s so relatable. Then submit everything to The New Yorker because YOLO. 

Don’t apply to any jobs so there’s more for me

Have no shame

If you’re a comedian, it means you already left your shame at the door years ago. Why not use those skills to your advantage? DM celebrities and companies you like on insta asking if there are open positions. The worst thing they do is don’t respond which isn’t half as bad as when someone doesn’t laugh at your joke. Put up fliers on the street that read “HIRE ME.” As long as you don’t become one of those on-the-street interview people, your opportunities for shameless career-finding is endless.  


Good Luck!