10 Queer Comedy Sketches For Pride!

Happy Pride to all the Queers, Gays, and Gleeks out there!

As you and I both know, because it was covered in last week’s meeting, Pride is ALL YEAR. That said, it is MOSTLY June. And we’re heading into the last weekend of June, so there’s no better time to be proud AND laugh. Here are ten of my favorite queer sketches.

Totino’s with Kristen Stewart – Saturday Night Live

Gay highlight? “Et toi? Tu es mon Totino.”

Dance Biter – A Black Lady Sketch Show

Gay highlight? Quinta punching the air off rhythm.

What actually happens when gay guys see other gay guys and straight people aren’t around – YouTube

Gay highlight? Hanging up your coat without a hook.

It’s called gaslighting, Mama, look it up! – Would It Kill You To Laugh?

Gay highlight? “Put this right into the dance.”

Good Old-fashion Shade Off – Astronomy Club

Gay highlight? “How generous of your fiance to accept his dowry in the form of a coupon!”

Mutually Beneficial Union – GOLD Comedy

Gay highlight? “Yikes.”

Bowen’s Straight – Saturday Night Live

Gay highlight? “So…he hooks up with girls?”

Straight Gay Wedding Planner – Logo

Gay highlight? Hot dog bar.

Gay Wedding Advice – Key & Peele

Gay highlight? “So we just guess who’s gay?”

Pride Month Song – Saturday Night Live

Gay highlight? “But I don’t wanna be funny! I wanna be HOT!!”

Honorable Mention: Every Stefon Ever

(I had to!)