GOLD Wrapped 2022

Happy 2023!  Before we fully say farewell, we thought we’d take a moment to gratefully look back on all we did in 2022. WHAT! A! YEAR! We launched 10 digital teams, sold out our first F2F variety show, debuted our Standup 101 course in-person, premiered and packed two screenings at the Catalyst Content Festival, and ran (literally) hundreds of hours of classes, both flagship and new.

Following the age-old tradition of holiday letters (where uncles brag about their Brett going to sectionals for wrestling, again!), we wanted to share a cute little (big) note that’s as full of great GOLD stuff as our hearts. For those of you who are anti-scroll (we get it, but we don’t have to LIKE it!) here’s a handy preview of what’s to come:

  • Love for our instructors
  • Fave articles from our website
  • Sketches from each of our digital sketch teams
  • Highlights from some of our live events
  • And MORE!

There’s no doubt that 2022 was a whacky year full of heartbreak and triumph. We are just so glad to have gotten through it all with YOU. Our community means everything to our always hardworking team. We adore you. Please read this whole email about our son Brett and his very important wrestling achievements.

Wow! We have the best time on our precious Wednesday Q&As. Nowhere else do GOLDies have the chance to curl up on their couches with their closest comedy pals and the likes of Margaret Cho, Patti Harrison, Rachel Bloom, and so many more.

We have fun here! Take a peek.

One of the loveliest parts of this year was getting to hug!! We had our first LIVE VARIETY SHOW at the PIT in NYC. We huddled and cuddled in Duluth! And we had classes IRL, too. Joy!! Pure joy.

Why I love Rape Jokes

I recently performed my first joke about my experience as a survivor, and the guy who assaulted me was sitting in the front row.  – Kaitlin Goldin

Wine pairings for your movie night, based on your excuse for the problematic lead

I like to separate art from the artist.”…Pair it with Franzia’s California Rhine Wine, a wine that claims to be both from California and grown exclusively along the Rhine river in Germany. Both are fucking nonsense. – Gwen Coburn

From comedy festival to kink convention:

Here’s what I learned

Comedy can be empowering, but empowerment is not the same as a power fantasy. A power fantasy steals power. Empowerment, instead, questions powerful people and encourages the audience to realize their own power. – Em Haverty

Followed by a marching band:

The magical-weirdness of Shaina Feinberg

Like, it genuinely seemed like this marching band was walking me home from the grocery store. Those things happen in life. And I just feel like that’s the stuff I make. – Emma Tattenbaum-Fine

Molly Shannon is a criminal mastermind

Mischief before all else. Taking risks, having fun, and joyfully encouraging chaos is just a better way to live. – Maggie Scudder

I’m in love with a handsome tomato that came in my weekly CSA

I can’t get him out of my head.

What a gorgeous, ripe tomato…and he wants to be with me? – Dierdre Manning

Kate Berlant, a journey

On my way upstairs, I’ve spilled some of the coffee onto my thigh – but no scalding beverage can burn away my excitement for Kate Berlant’s new comedy special, Cinnamon in the Wind, streaming on Hulu. Sitting on my bean bag, ice on my raw, blistering skin, I press play. – Tessa Abedon

Maggie‘s class was the first time that I ever felt like I could truly possibly be a comedy writer.” – Ayla

“I absolutely love taking courses with Elsa Eli. They are energetic and funny. I learn a lot just by listening and watching their comedy during class and outside class.” – Rahkie

Bonita was great. I loved her enthusiasm and how supportive she was of all of us.” – Jeanne

Ryan‘s class has been incredible in boosting my confidence, teaching new ideas, and helping me to think holistically about the industry.” – Kristina

Ana is great! Truly so encouraging and sweet.” – Sam

Brittany is a ball of energy, masterful at directing the class, knowledgeable, kind, and fun.” – Jeanne

Stacy was great and made learning so easy!” – Bonita

It started with a tweet (shout out to the incomparable Ana Bretón) and a dream. Now there are TEN digital teams, made up of 100% women and non-binary folks, making funny stuff all over the country.

GOLD Club classes + workshops

  • Standup 101
  • Still Standing (intermediate standup)
  • Improv 101
  • Storytelling 101
  • Sketch 101
  • *NEW* Sketch 201: Advanced Sketch Writing
  • *NEW* Sketch 301: Make Your Show Happen!
  • *NEW* Sketch 301: Producing Digital Sketches
  • *NEW* How to Run Your Comedy Career Like a Business
  • *NEW* Post Production + Social Media

GOLD Label courses

  • Develop + Pitch a TV Show
  • How To Make a Web Series
  • *NEW* Directing/Producing Comedy Shorts

Events + festivals

  • Catalyst Content Festival
  • Q&A with Beth Stelling
  • GOLD Comedy Live! in NYC
  • *NEW* Miami Improv Festival
  • *NEW* GOLD Pitch-A-Thon
  • *NEW* GOLD Comedy Live! in Chicago
  • *NEW* GOLD Comedy Live! in LA

And so much more! 

(All subject to change, get better, disappear, etc.)