Victoria Vincent worked with mulch

Victoria Vincent is a rising star in the Chicago Comedy Scene. The Columbus, Ohio native is a comedian and healthcare worker. She is one of the Just for Laughs New Faces of Comedy 2022. She has performed all over the city featuring at Zanies, Comedy Bar, and the Laugh Factory. Victoria Vincent has opened for Maria Bamford, Kyle Kinane, Cameron Esposito, Bobcat Goldthwait, and many more and was featured in the Chicago Reader.

What were you like as a teen?
Huge weirdo but I loved it. I was very emo, loved indie movies (thought I was original *eye roll) but also was a cheerleader and class vice president. I did start my love for comedy around that time though, I first read Stephen Colbert’s first book (At 14 because I was a weirdo) and then read a bunch of books by comedy writers and fell in love with 30 rock. I should have known that point that I was destined to be in comedy in some way but still went to healthcare. I was glad that I was into all the weird stuff I was because it shaped me I think.
Did you have an un-sexy starter job? 
I worked at a mulch store in high school. Which is very sexy to me but not to everyone else. I am thinking though that you might mean in terms of comedy and in that case, no. I started doing standup after I got my first real job and ironically enough, took a standup class but from there, I have been able to open up to new sides of comedy like writing and acting.
When you were coming up in comedy, what helped you stick with it?
Honestly, the main thing that helped me stick with it the first couple of years was that it wasn’t my only thing. I think I stressed about it less when I was working in medicine because even on a bad day, it wasn’t that bad. I worked in medicine up until late 2022 and honestly comedy was a release and break from that world. Now that I’m pursuing comedy fully, I find it harder to not lose hope but I still love it.
Have you ever dealt with trolls? 
I haven’t really had too many experiences with hecklers, sometimes online comments but outside of that, none in person, which is crazy but also hope it stays like that. When it comes to online trolls, its usually about my weight or appearance.
It used to bother me and it took me a little while not to let it but now I just remind myself that these people have some reason unrelated to me as to why they needed to comment and usually its from a fake account so they are also just cowards and really not worth my time. I’m trying to focus on the positivity I receive.
On your deathbed, what transcendent advice would you croak at a young comedian?
It is so cheesy but be true to yourself. I struggle the most when I see other people’s comedic success and wonder why I’m not like them. When I try to pander to something specific, it never works. Develop your voice and skills then apply those to whatever the comedy world throws at you and you will likely be unstoppable. I’m still working on those things.
Best comedy advice you ever got?
I’m sure I have gotten a lot of good advice but mostly I just think about the people who lift me up and tell me to keep going. I think most of the advice I have gotten has been very specific to me in my situation but mostly the moral of most stories is to just keep putting yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to apply to that thing or go to that workshop, there were so many times I was intimidated and I regret not just going for it plus it builds you for the tough industry that we are in.
How has being funny helped you in your life?
I think I developed my comedic ability as a coping mechanism when I was young. I don’t think I was bullied in the traditional sense but I was a tall large black girl in a mostly white life and in order to cope with being “different”, I used humor and that translated to my healthcare job and then eventually fully into comedy.
What is your go-to show or movie to watch?
Usually comedies I enjoyed as a high schooler/early college or indie comedy movies. 30 Rock is a go-to always, Arrested Development, It’s Always Sunny, and Happy Endings. Movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Hot Rod, Away We Go, etc.
What specific things can a young comic or comedy writer do to shape their voice?
Focus on you/your story and take any opportunity you get to expand your skill set. I used to compare rather than focus on how to improve myself sometimes things don’t work out or are unfair but rather than thinking about that, I’m trying to make myself better.
Was there one person who inspired you to go into comedy?
No one specifically inspired me but more about how comedy specifically standup has gotten me through some of my darkest times and helped me better understand life. Some comedians like Patton Oswalt, Wyatt Cenac, Morgan Murphy, Hannibal Buress), listening to them during my worst times or when I was lost, got me through it and really helped me for the better. I want to be that for someone else.
Do you have a writing routine? 
I don’t really have a writing routine, although that is something I am working on developing right now. My mind always wanders and wandering in combination with anxiety, has helped me write. I am working on more organized writing right now and hope that it will open up a new skill set.