Alexis Wilkinson’s Riddles Three

​Alexis Wilkinson is a Wisconsin-born writer who specializes in humor, copy, video, and film. She has written for television including HBO’s Veep and Brooklyn 99.

She graduated from Harvard College in 2015 with a degree in economics and a secondary in psychology. During her time there, she was the first black female President of the Harvard Lampoon. 

She’s written award-winning television, pieces for national magazines, and created content for multiple brands.

Favorite response to a heckler or troll?
“We all understand you have a BIG dick/DUSTY vagina and are not insecure about it. We get it.”
What was your worst-ever gig?
Stand-up and a waffle house in NYC.
What were you like as a teen?
Neurotic, involuntarily celibate, scientific. (I never ever dreamed of comedy.)
On your deathbed, what transcendent advice would you croak at a young comedian?
“Answer me these riddles three to find my wealth…”
Best comedy advice you ever got?
Read. Write. And be ready when the right opportunity falls in your lap.
What helped you stick with comedy?
Worst comedy advice you ever got?
Marry a rich man.
Was there one person who inspired you to go into comedy? 
Simon Rich, thru his book Ant Farm.
What single word cracks you up?