Help! Summer Lovin’! Had me a blast! #AskAvery

Dear Avery,

I’m on vacation with my family and keep seeing this really cute guy. What are your thoughts on summer flings and how do I properly fling without failing? 

Your Friend,

Fling Thing

Dear Fling Thing,

Vacation flings are officially IN for the summer. Say goodbye to tanning and day drinking and hello to falling in love with the only guy your age at the hotel.

If you’re a movie fan, you know the trope of the summer fling has been used in every summer movie ever: American Pie, Wet Hot American Summer, and even American Pie 2 (probably). So you’re free to fling, but don’t fling too close to the sun. Like ice cream on a hot global warming day, nothing sweet can last forever. 

Are they really cute, or are they just around your age?

You know when you’re at an airport and you see a hot guy before realizing you’re just romanticizing the idea of meeting your soulmate on an airplane? Me neither. On vacation, this is amplified by a million. You’re probably with your family, which means you’re going to get to a point of minor insanity that may lead to lower standards. STAY STRONG, SOLDIER. If you’re gonna be sneaking out of your hotel at night, find someone worth getting in trouble for.

Understand what you’re getting out of it.

See: Ask Avery on FWB! A vacation fling has an inevitable end, aka the flight home. So before jumping into the pool of love, remember to put on your floaties. Ask yourself if you’ll be doing some beach makeouts with the knowledge you may never see this person again. Will it be worth it even if the situation doesn’t turn into a future meet-cute wedding story? Do you have enough hotel keys to sneak out? Once you’ve been able to truthfully answer yes, it’s time to assess the other difficulties. Will your parents be out of the room for at least 15 mins during the day? Is there a language barrier in which you’ll have to flirt over Google Translate? 


The thing about flings is at a point they are eventually flung. They go back to their romantic European small town and you go back to Iowa. If you paid attention to lesson number two, you know that you will have to let go. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep in touch (also known as KIT). Follow their Instagram and proceed to get a weird nostalgic feeling every time they show up on your feed. Get angry when they go official with a new girl 2 years from now. Send a cryptic drunk DM the night before your wedding. I can’t tell you how to live your life, only how to slightly ruin it. 

Now go forth and fling!