Help! I need funny friends! #AskAvery

Meet Avery. She has 8 years experience as a comedian and 7 years experience as a teenager—and she is here to A your toughest Qs about comedy, family, romance, school, and the meaning of life (maybe). Got a problem you can’t solve or a goal you need help meeting? Ask Avery by DMing @GOLDComedy or emailing

Dear Avery,

Comics always say how important it is to find your crew of comedy friends. But I’m in high school, so it’s not like I can hang out with other comedians at the bar, or relate to their jokes about divorce, or…their teenage kids. How can I find other teen comedians to connect with?


Young Pun

Dear Young Pun,

Connecting with others is so, and please don’t excuse my language, forking difficult during COVID. This is the time we should be networking at 3 AM in the crummiest club on the Lower East Side. (Yes! It’s possible!) We should also be handing off mics without fear and spitting all over audiences as we destroy set after set. But alas, until people way, way under 65 qualify for the Fauci ouchie, we’ll have to use the internet for communication just a little bit longer. I hope the tips below can help tide you over


Yeah, yeah, I sound like your mom. I sound like my mom too. But clubs can (of course) help you meet people with common interests. If your school has improv or another form of comedy group, join one! If they don’t, START ONE. (Yes, even online.) Maybe you’ll meet your future sketch partner, or at least have something to write about in your future autobiography. (Or college app.)


Everyone has these “minimalist” instagram accounts where they post only twice a year. YAWN!!! The more content you put into the universe, the more chance you have of getting discovered (at least by like-minded and like-aged funny people). Make stuff and post all over Instagram, TikTok, EVEN Facebook. USE HASHTAGS. I don’t care what anyone thinks—this will help your network expand. 


So this one’s a longshot, but I think we should utilize paper ads posted around town. Maybe don’t use your face or real number, but express your love for comedy through tiny posters like you’re a lost dog—with your Insta handle, of course. It sounds crazy, but crazy enough to work? Or just become a viral meme. Either way you’re getting yourself out there!


On the nose, maybe, but genuinely the best and fastest way to meet other young passionate female comics right now!!!!!!!

I hope this was helpful. And hey, you’ve connected with a teen comedian right here. So kudos to you, already starting your comedic networking journey.