Help! I need a break from this break! #AskAvery

Dear Avery,

I just finished my first semester of college! Though it definitely took a while to adjust, I finally have a great group of friends, I’m getting the hang of my classes, and I’ve really loved the independence. The only problem is now that I love college so much, I really don’t want to go home. Any tips on how to survive the, VERY LONG, break from college? 

Your Friend

Break Blunder

Dear Break Blunder, 

I definitely faced this issue after my first semester of college. When I first got to Boston University (where I go to school) I dreamed of being home.

It was so much easier with my high school boyfriend, just roaming around NYC without any real worries (besides getting into college). Then once you’re in, you realize how fucking hard college can be. You have to manage a work-life balance, finding all new friends, even deciding what to eat for breakfast can be confusing and weird.

But back to the main point: winter break. Luckily I have some great tips on how to actually enjoy your time at home, while still counting down the days till you’re back at Tulane or wherever you go. 


Remember the good ole days

Ah yes, the good old days (aka being 17). Remember how much you wanted to be home? You can still enjoy these benefits!!

The thing I always look forward to when I first come home is opening the fridge. Think about all the shitty, sometimes downright disgraceful food you’ve been consuming over the past few months. Then look at your fridge. Are those actual berries I see? Chicken that isn’t yellow? This is your chance to CHOW DOWN.

And if you thought eating snacks after a night out is fun? Think about wine drunk dinner with your family and how sweet those chocolate chip cookies will taste then


REST and be clean

OK, but actually rest. No matter where you go home or what you do over break, treat it like your very own spa vacation. Take a bath, take a SHOWER WITHOUT WEARING FLIP FLOPS!! Sure college is great but it’s also absolutely disgusting.

Take this opportunity to not only be your best self (a lady doesn’t binge drink every weekend), but also your cleanest self. That first shower, and every shower that follows it, hits so differently during winter break.

And also you just finished a boatload of finals. Remember that during finals week you’re working towards this break, and now you have it! Watch so much reality TV your brain rots, or read if you’re not a degenerate like me. 


See the old pals 

Another highlight of being home is seeing your high school friends. Sure you guys might have changed slightly, but normally that just means there are HOURS of content to catch up on.

It’s like binging your favorite TV show but instead of watching TV, you’re actually talking to people. Time to find out who got arrested, who has a new S.O., and who is the born-again Christian. Hot Tip: Make PowerPoint slides to update each other with ease. 


And there you have it! Overall my advice is to enjoy the time with friends and family, go to all your old stomping grounds and act like you weren’t just there three months ago. Then before you blink it’s back to the frat house!