Carsen Smith sees a hottie in the mirror

Carsen Smith is a comedian and writer living in NYC. She previously worked on Impractical Jokers and is the co-founder of The Goose Lodge – a speakeasy underground comedy club in Brooklyn. You can see her headlines on Reductress and around town with her sketch team One Bad Egg. Her first novel, Area 51 Interns, is set to release with Penguin Random House in 2021.

Favorite response to a heckler or troll?
I like to ask them if they can put their foot behind their head.
What was your worst gig ever?
Once got spit on by an audience member who didn’t like my jokes. Pre-COVID spit, too. So not necessarily murderous but still gross!
What’s your first impulse when someone says “women aren’t funny”?
I’d spit on em.
What were you like as a teen?
Covered in acne, flat-chested, and desperate for attention. Nothing’s changed.
On your deathbed, what transcendent advice would you croak at a young comedian?
The only thing that matters is don’t quit. If you have fun doing it, keep doing it, baby!
When you were coming up in comedy, what helped you stick with it?
That hot bitch in the mirror.
Worst comedy advice you ever got?
“You have to be friends and network with everyone.” You don’t. Some people are just terrible and that’s okay.
Favorite response to “What’s it like to be a woman in comedy”?
Ever been spit on?
Feelings about the word “comedienne”?
Gendering an occupation or a hobby is silly to me. But I know lots of comics who embrace the term and love it, so why not? Or maybe you’re a sexy French person saying it. Who knows.
How has being funny helped you in your offstage life, either recently or when you were younger?
It’s everything to me. Has helped me get jobs, friends, free food, you name it.
Was there one person who inspired you to go into comedy? If so: Who, why, how?
Whoever was in charge of the insane late-night TV schedule on Comedy Central circa 2004-2008. I was raised by whoever that was.
What single word always cracks you up?
Every now and then, the word “arm” will just hit me in a different way
Best comedy advice you ever got?
Go weirder. Whatever your idea is, dive in even further.