What’s your sense of humor?

Just like a fingerprint, no two people have the exact same sense of humor. Humor is a very fluid and flexible personality trait that is constantly changing and adapting to new life experiences. What one person finds hilarious might make someone else incredibly uncomfortable. You know this if you’ve ever seen George W. Bush try to give a neck massage.

This quiz is designed to see which of the 6 main styles of humor—we’ll call them observational, satire, deadpan, dark, surreal, and slapstick—tickles your funny bone. It certainly doesn’t mean that this is the only kind of humor that works. (And it also doesn’t mean that there are only 6 styles of humor!) But it might give you a bit of a clue about what your own comedy style might be, which is can be a key element of your comedy persona. At very least,  it might point you in the direction of some awesome new comedians, movies, and shows to check out.

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Find your funny: What kind of humor are you?
Observational Comedy

Baby, you see the world in a way no one else does. Observational comedy is all about seeing things that we all see—but putting your own unique spin on it. Everyone appreciates hearing YOUR take on the issues and annoyances of the day. Keep a notebook with you at all times and write down anything that strikes you. Examples: Ali Wong, Christina P, Nikki Glaser, Natasha Leggero, Wanda Sykes,

Can you say comedy genius? Satire is known to be one of the hardest AND most widely appreciated forms of comedy. You see issues in politics, society and celebrities and make social commentary in the form of humor! You bring attention to the bigger problems in society and use a sharp wit and interesting opinions to turn politics into comedy gold. Examples: The Onion and Reductress, SNL, Samantha Bee, Amy Sedaris, Gilda Radner, Blazing Saddles, 30 Rock, Wet Hot American Summer

Girl, you deliver like no one else. Your dry and insanely sharp wit put everyone in stitches. Though your face and voice may lack expression, your content definitely shines through. Words like juxtaposition and irony come to mind and you carefully walk the line between insanely, sometimes controversial content and sarcastic, blunt delivery. Examples: Dina Harshem, Aubrey Plaza, Morgan Murphy, Tig Notaro, Comedy Bang! Bang! Documentary Now!, The Office

What better way to deal with your trauma and all the horribleness in the world than through comedy! Dark comics have seen a rise in popularity as the world gets, well, darker. You can flawlessly cover topics like violence, racism, disease, religion and more to call out injustice in a lighthearted way. Some may say your comedy is morbid, but we say it’s the antidote. Examples: Bojack Horseman, It’s Always Sunny, Fleabag, Joan Rivers, Sarah Silverman, South Park, Rick and Morty.

You are the definition of absurd, and we mean that as a huge compliment. You take the world and turn it upside down by making it illogical, unpredictable, and totally hilarious. Your friends may say you’re random and nonsensical, but it takes a lot of secret genius to recognize patterns and unspoken social rules to break them. Examples: Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt, Eric Andre, The Good Place, Community, Maria Bamford, Monty Python, literally anything on Adult Swim

You are not afraid to hurt yourself for a joke to land, and we LOVE you for it. This style of humor is about exaggerated physical humor that gets everyone laughing. Making yourself vulnerable, without harming others, makes people laugh at you AND with you at the same time. Examples: Lucille Ball, Three Stooges, Molly Shanon, Airplane, Melissa Mcarthy, The Marx brothers, Jackass
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CARSEN SMITH (intern, branding and content) performs standup and improv in New York City. She co-created the improvised cooking show “I’ll Have What She’s Having,” which ran at Nashville’s Third Coast Comedy Club. @carsenasmith