Help! How do I thank you? #AskAvery

Dear Avery,

How many of these damn things have you done? 

Your Friend,


Dear Avery,

Well, what a perfect question this is. Thank you for asking, Avery.

This is none other than the 50th edition of Ask Avery!

Over the past… Oh, I don’t know… bajillion months, you guys have sent in your incredible questions and I have tried my best to give comedic but truthful answers. I hope I’ve brought levity and solutions to life’s biggest problems.

We’ve covered a lot of ground together, from pooping in peace to finding love away from dating apps. We’ve gone through different kinds of comedy, how to write jokes, how to be fearless at an open mic, and everything else someone may need to blossom into their comedic career. I hope this has inspired and encouraged you to DO THE DAMN THING!

I would like to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for interacting with me and sending in your burning questions. Whether it was you drunkenly asking me for relationship advice at a party, or answering the monthly Instagram question box, I’d like to think we’ve become good friends through this series.

I hope I have been able to help or at least get a laugh or two out of you. To this day when my homies need to ask me something they lovingly (I think) refer to it as “Asking Avery.” Through the comedy, there have been a few gems of wisdom, even if it took a lot of digging. 

Thank you also to GOLD, to Lynn Harris (my absolute role model), and to everyone else who has supported me and given me the chance to prove myself as a writer, comic, and giver of the hard-hitting truth. Comedy has given me my best friends and best memories. I love it with everything I have.

Next week we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming, but fuck it even I can get sentimental.

Love Always,