Help! I’m so sleepy! #AskAvery

Dear Avery, 

I’ve been finding it difficult to find the motivation to do my comedic projects: writing new material, and filming sketches that have been in my notes for months. I just haven’t felt very funny. Do you have any advice on how to get out of the comedy rut and start being productive again?

Your Friend,

Funny Bussiness

Dear Funny Bussines,

Professional comedians say comedy is a muscle that needs to be constantly flexed, but who has that much protein powder? When comedy becomes work, it feels different than just being funny with your friends, or killing it at workplace banter. It’s kinda like when you have to read Lord of the Flies for school. In theory, it’s an awesome book, but when you have to take notes for class, it becomes a chore. And yes, I’m a huge Lord of the Flies stan because I know if it were all girls no one would have died. But luckily, there are some ways to make comedy FUN again, which will in turn make you excited to get back to work. 

My first piece of advice is to take a comedy detox. Seems counterproductive, but sometimes your inner emo teen needs to brood in order to see how stupid brooding is. I’ll go an entire day without cracking a joke or even glancing at a meme. Instead, I read lots of sad poetry, wear all black, and say things like “This coffee tastes burnt.” You know how monks go on week-long silent retreats and meditate, this is like the low-rate version of that. Instead of coming out of it with enlightenment, you’ll end the day thinking, “It’s time to start writing my pilot.”

Another way to get back in the comedy mood is to get on the couch, stay with me, and watch really bad comedy shows. I spend a lot of time watching good comedy because it’s funny and inspiring. But sometimes watching genius show after show makes me a bit of a downer. Like damn, there are so many funny people in the world, who wants to watch me do my 10 minutes on my favorite porn? I’m not telling you not to watch great stuff, and we’re lucky to be in the Golden Age of Television or whatever, but watching a bad show can sometimes inspire you more. You’ll think, “Damn if this show can get made, if these jokes can be in a Netflix special, then I can definitely achieve my goals.” 

This last tip is for the girls and queer people ONLY, so men, if you’re reading this, first of all, that’s hot that you’re tuning in for GOLD, but time to exit the article.

Okay, cuties, the final tip to get back in the groove is to remember that you’re going to inspire the next generation! Without writing your jokes about shitty Tinder dates, showing up at the open mics, performing, writing, etc. how is a little girl gonna one day say, “I read (your name)’s biography when I was young and it made me want to be a comedian!”

Just remember, by putting yourself out there, you already inspire me every day.