Help! I’m BORED! #AskAvery

Dear Avery, 

I’m bored. Can I get a list of ways to spice up my life?

Your friend,

Quarter-Life Crisis


Dear QLC,

Sure. Here’s 50. (Two for every year of your life!)

  1. Jump in a public park fountain and steal all the coins, aka people’s wishes. 
  2. Doodle on a giant piece of paper and turn it into wallpaper for your room.
  3. Test out every public bathroom in your area and rank them.
  4. Walk while throwing a paper airplane and go wherever it lands.
  5. Turn an old book into a secret container for all your illegal substances. 
  6. Buy 10 weird juices and try to make them into cocktails.
  7. Try to take a 5th-grade math test while high.
  8. Test-drive a really expensive car and then leave.
  9. Get high tea at one of those fancy tea places with the little sandwiches. 
  10. Try to invent a new noise.
  11. Lean how to balance books on your head like in the princess movies. 
  12. Make Shrinky Dinks.
  13. Play the board game Operation by yourself in a hospital waiting room.
  14. Buy a middle school recorder and play something not hot cross buns 
  15. Taste test all the different brands of water blindfolded.
  16. Buy a bunch of old magazines and cut stuff out you like. 
  17. Cover your body in paint and flop around on a canvas. 
  18. Trim your eyebrows. 
  19. Figure out your signature scent. 
  20. Watch nostalgic commercials from your childhood. 
  21. Have sex in publi….. I mean, study the Bible? 
  22. Solve a murder mystery that’s been bugging you for a while. 
  23. Dye a tiny chunk of your hair. 
  24. Call your grandma and tell her about your love life. 
  25. Make your roommates a family dinner. 
  26. Kiss and make up.
  27. Try to cut vegetables the way chefs do it. 
  28. Go to the planetarium sober for a change. 
  29. Make your personal website/design business cards. 
  30. Do interpretive dance in public and see if anyone tips you or joins in. 
  31. Go to a random bar and ask for your usual. 
  32. Ask a stranger for their number. (You can do this, I promise.) 
  33. Do a crazy makeup look but actually leave the house with it on.
  34. Get a pet fish and name it Swimmy.
  35. Watch tutorials on how to give oral s*x and then test it out on a lucky person.
  36. Buy some of those huge hair curlers from the 70s and go crazy.
  37. Learn how to hula hoop while walking. 
  38. Make some little weird drawings and give them to all your friends. 
  39. Throw a frisbee really really really far.
  40. Do extensive research on what your “type” really is 
  41. Read one of those corny romance novels and enjoy it. 
  42. PlayJjeopardy while watching the show and keep track of your points. 
  43. Become a snob about one specific topic. 
  44. Watch cartoons and eat cereal on a Sunday morning. 
  45. Join a random suburban mom book club and gossip with them.
  46. Text your middle school boyfriend out of nowhere to say hi. 
  47. Buy some glow-in-the-dark stars and put them all over your ceiling. 
  48. Sit in a park with a little picnic and a book and just feel the beauty of the world 
  49. Go on a first date, just do it.
  50. Put chips on a sandwich.

Hope this helps!