101 Reasons writers should get paid

Yesterday was the 100th day of the WGA strike. This officially surpasses 2007’s 100-day total. What does that mean? Other than greedy corporations gaining power and influence over the last 15 years? Easy. It means that writers are STILL out of work. Writers are STILL being ignored. Writers still aren’t getting PAID.

We compiled this (powerful, iconic, impactful) list of 101 reasons why AMPTP needs to sit back and put their money where their WRITERS ARE. Because writers will win this.

And here’s why they SHOULD get paid:

  1. Severance Season 2
  2. So you don’t have to watch these shows on MAX
  3. They’re getting too hot with all this walking
  4. Writers need food
  5. And water
  6. And shelter
  7. Mariska Hargitay may turn to dust if SVU ends.
  8. They need (better) clothes
  9. Sometimes these writers have babies they need to feed
  10. We need ten more seasons of Righteous Gemstones
  11. AI can’t come up with Office memes
  12. Maggie Scudder has dreams
  13. Rent is due. Just like in the musical. 
  14. Hacks
  15. I’ll have to cancel my AMC Stubs A-List if the movies start to suck.
  16. Billy Porter has to sell his house 🙁
  17. If you ever want another Greta Gerwig movie.
  18. Must watch What We Do in the Shadows for eeeeeterrrrrrnity
  19. Writers gotta copay those depression meds
  20. All those dogs who need cute outfits!!!
  21. So that late-night shows can report on the Ariana Grande/Spongebob situation 
  22. So that we don’t spend even MORE time endlessly scrolling on TikTok
  23. Because election coverage may kill us without jokes
  24. Rumors that Tina is taking over SNL after season 50… means we have to get to season 50 ASAP
  25. Fallon has stopped sending ice cream…
  26. It’s going to get cold soon
  27. Christmas!
  28. Our media future cannot be kinky NPC live streams
  29. My TikTok is all psychics 
  30. The new season of RHONY is good, but won’t sustain me alone.
  31. Just in case a Bones reboot is in the works 
  32. Abbott Elementary 
  33. Janelle James
  34. Quinta Brunson
  35. Sheryl Lee Ralph 
  36. AND Mrs. Howard
  37. Those Stranger Things kids are getting old so fast
  38. And soon the Yellowjackets flashback kids will be as old as Melanie Lynskey and then that premise falls apart too! 
  39. If I keep playing Magic The Gathering this much, my girlfriend will stop loving me.
  40. Coffee, whiskey, and cigarettes cost money (writing food)
  41. Gabrielle Dennis deserves more work
  42.  James Corden can’t survive without being in 20 movies at the same time
  43. Twilight TV show
  44. Amy Adams still doesn’t have an Oscar
  45. Maggie Scudder has a show that should be on air
  46. For the tired moms that are also TV writers
  47. The hot SAG people are intimidating the WGA people (I have heard!) 
  48. It is hard for these soft hands to be walking all the time. 
  49. SAG captains are landing in the ER for exhaustion (my neighbor Alan)
  50. All the best jokes have been put on the signs already
  51. MUST watch What We Do in the Shadows for eeeeeterrrrrrnity
  52. A24 might take over the world
  53. No, but seriously, A24 is becoming too powerful (which is fine! But could be scary!) 
  54. Florence Pugh 
  55. It’s getting a little boring to hear about!! (Much as we support!)
  56. You have to prove that being a TV writer is a perfectly valid career….mom.
  57. You can only rewatch the Fast and Furious series so many times
  58. I’ve been watching TV for Cats on Youtube.
  59.  We’ll need witnesses for the downfall of Sam Levinson.
  60. How many more podcasts will be created about the strike?
  61. Maggie Scudder needs to pay for her wedding
  62. The most recent Bob’s Burgers season was the best yet!
  63. I checked with the ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Future and they told me that they’ve made no headway on Carol Lombardini.
  64. Ashley Ray’s substack is just Below Deck and 90 Days now
  65. If we don’t wrap this up, procedural TV might be dead forever.
  66. I heard Aubrey Plaza and Katherine Hahn might play exes?
  67. Books don’t make me laugh; they just make me think and feel. Ugh! Not enough!
  68. The WWC couldn’t even sustain us. 
  69. World peace
  70. We need more women late-night hosts
  71. I shouldn’t have to download and subscribe to BritBox! 
  72. Outside = sunburns
  73. I have too many allergies to become a park ranger
  74. People who don’t live in NY or LA aren’t even getting the live theatre bump
  75. Vanderpump Rules and the Kardashians can sustain us for only so long
  76. Twitter is officially dead and there’s nowhere else for funny jokes?
  77. “Beach” is not actually a job.
  78. We do not want to write 101 more of these.
  80. God forbid the aliens learn about our civilization only from reality shows.
  81. Because writing is art and art is the cornerstone of culture. 
  82. Bet you could pay your writers and STILL have a boat!
  83. Can’t believe we have to explain this in the first place. 
  84. Maggie Scudder needs to be a late-night host
  85. Cannot afford opera.
  86. Cannot afford Renaissance.
  87. Girls 5Eva 4EVA
  88. Have watched literally all Laws and Order
  89. TV shows make YOUR families happy
  90. You literally said you wanted writers to lose their homes. On a TV show, this would make  you the bad guy. 
  91. Something something trickle-down economics
  92. VERY MUST watch What We Do in the Shadows for eeeeeterrrrrrnity
  93. Pls don’t make us watch Trump trials thx
  94. Maggie Scudder should take a break from watching ghost-hunting shows (and bringing them up at work).
  95. GOLD members are sitting on SO MANY GOOD SHOWS. LFG!
  96. Didn’t y’all like Jury Duty? SCRIPTED. 
  97. I read that Jeopardy is re-using questions. 
  98. There will be even MORE podcasts to not listen to. 
  99. We will all have to watch old shows in 25 parts on Tiktok
  100. You know what they say about idle hands…
  101. We’re running out of crushes.