10 ideas for YouTube channels no one has thought of yet

You know what’s fun? Watching homemade YouTube videos, especially the ones that start out with someone perkily saying “Hey guys!” and then taking three and a half minutes to explain that they’re so sorry they haven’t made a video in a while.

Anyway, you’ve probably been wanting to make a YouTube channel of your own. I know I have! But where to start? I mean, I was listening in on my kids as they watched YouTube this morning, and one of them said “Wow, fur fingernails? I never thought of that!” and I was like “time to shut down the internet, folks. Fur fingernails.”

But that got me thinking. I hadn’t thought of fur fingernails, it’s true, but that must mean there are other things I haven’t thought of, and they would probably make good YouTube channel ideas! And so, with no further ado, here are my big ideas free for you to use for yourself or someone you dislike intensely.

1. A family that stops at convenience stations instead of theme parks and makes the best of it.

2. Old episodes of M*A*S*H but dubbed so that “hawkeye” is always replaced with “fanny pack.”

3. Reboxing Shopkins.

4. Beauty hacks for those retainers you used to have to wear overnight that strapped around the back of your head.

5. Game-play watch-along of me doing the NY Times crossword puzzle on a Friday.

6. An undertaker “unboxes” the stuff in people’s pockets (like a blind bag, but pants).

7. The Neener Channel: Neener neener, I have a thing that you don’t; let’s look at how great it is and how much you stink for not having one.

8. My Dog Has a GoPro: Live feed of everything my dog gets up to during the day. Like the Panda Cam, but much more banal, yet active.

9. LaproCam: A live feed of the camera-eye view of every laparoscopic surgery being done at a hospital in Nebraska that really needs cash.

10. DIY hair removal (comparing Nair, wax, and shaving) for furry fingernails.

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