10 Best SNL Halloween Costumes

You may have heard that, in light of the ongoing strike, SAG has banned certain costumes this year. Well, we thought it was only fair to provide alternatives since your Barbie costume is now ILLEGAL. That’s right, folks! Saturday Night Live is not struck by SAG, which means we have great costume ideas for you AND you still have a chance to join SAG and host before the season is over.

Regardless of whether you’re dressing up for your neighborhood contest, the clerb (in which we all fam), or handing out treats to kiddos, these SNL-inspired costumes are sure to do the trick.

photo of kristin wiig as dooneese with numbered items to make a costume. silk dress and baby hands.

While the exact silk chiffon dress may be hard to find, if you nail this costume it will go down in the history of your friend-group for YEARS to come.

Molly shannon as mary katherine gallagher pictured next to numbered costume elements plaid skirt, knee socks, docs, a tie, and a sweater vest.

This list would not be complete without Molly Shannon‘s iconic Mary Katherine Gallagher. Superstar!! Let your freak flag fly and finally re-use that private school uniform your mom made you keep.

Bobby Moinahan as Drunk uncle with numbered costume elements a gray wig trench coat and christmas sweater

This one is for the girlies with a Halloween flask in their purse. Get your ugly sweater out early and pair it with your Dad’s old coat. Finally being drunk and mad is a costume and not just a lifestyle!

Rachel Dratch as Debbie Downer with numbered costume elements: brown bob wig, brown shirt, brown pants.

Thank goodness my brown wardrobe won’t go to waste this Halloween!

Kate McKinnon as close encounters with numbered costume elements, a plain camp shirt, light wash jeans, cigarette

Perhaps Kate McKinnon’s most noteworthy (non-politician) character has no name. But if you want to be a no-named, abducted lady…here’s your chance!! Just be sure to wave on your way out of the studio for the last time.

Ego Nwodim as Lisa from Temecula with numbered costume elements, a two tone orange and black wig, large glasses, and a pink long sleeve shirt with cut outs.

Lisa is from Temecula. And she came all this way for a nice Halloween dinner. It’s the perfect costume for anyone who likes their relationships raw and steaks COOKED.

Kristin Wiig as Penelope with numbered costume elements: one wrap dress.

What do you MEAN the costume party is TONIGHT!?!?!?! Okay, fine. Grab the first red wrap-dress you find and then just start bragging: costume complete.

Bill Hader as Stefon with numbered costume elements: emo kid wig, eg hardy tattoo sleeve shirt, rings.

Halloween’s hottest costume is…Stefon!

Vanessa Bayer as Totino's lady with numbered costume elements: totinos, a blue button up, a red cardigan

This is my favorite inclusion on the list. She’s never had a name, but she has a costume! Bonus points for a K Stew + Totino’s Lady couples costume.

Mom Jeans snl sketch costume

Get the gals together and tell them to put on PANTS for once!!!!!!