Virtual Program for GOLD Comedy LIVE


The PIT Loft | 10/22 @ 5:30 PM

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History’s best sleepover + bachelorette party gone wrong + your least favorite aunt’s open-casket funeral.

In other words, the vibes are immaculate.

Standup Comics

Elsa Eli Waithe a comedian and activist, is GOLD’s founding standup instructor. Their credits include BET, MTV, Frank, The Tribeca Film Festival, The Cinder Block Comedy Festival, and This American Life. They are co-founder of the educational sticker campaign Slavers of NY.

Jes Tom (they/them) is a stand-up comic, writer, and actor gleefully providing the trans, queer, Asian American, radical cyborg perspective that everyone never knew they wanted. Currently, they are a story editor on season two of the Taika Waititi series OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH, for HBO Max. They can be seen in the Hulu Feature CRUSH, HBO Max’s LOVE LIFE, and on their own digital series DEAR JES, for Netflix’s The Most. Their writing has been published by Reductress, Shondaland, and Condé Nast’s Them, and they wrote for the Audible/Broadway Video series HOT WHITE HEIST, produced by Alan Cumming. Jes has been featured in The New York Times, Vice, Ozy, Forbes, NowThis, Vulture’s Comedians You Should and Will Know in 2021, and were selected as a New Face at the 2021 Just For Laughs Festival.

Digital Sketches

It’s pee pee, bitch.

Alex Otis (@noticedbyotis)
Tayler Bungo (IG: @lol_bungo)
Nina Fragine (@NinaFragine)
Kristina Feliciano (IG: @KristinaIsComedy/TW: @KweenOfComedy)
Michelle Ciccotelli (IG: @michelleciccotelli)
Greta Guthrie (@gsmallzmusic)
Gwen Coburn (@sadgrlsongsgwen)

Director: Gwen Coburn
Music: Gwen Coburn & Dan Reifsteck
Lyrics: Gwen Coburn, Kristina Feliciano, Michelle Ciccotelli
Choreographer: Alex Otis (@noticedbyotis)
Editor: Michelle Ciccotelli
Producer: Michelle Ciccotelli

Special Thanks:
William Colón
Gabriel Diaz De Leon
Bo Krucik
Jake Lazarow

President Joe Biden promises Vice President Kamala Harris that the Democrats are sure to win in the Midterms after passing a historic bill on student loan forgiveness. Former President Donald Trump has a rude awakening for Dems since his candidates, like Sarah Palin and Dr. Oz, are definitely going to win.

Directors: Maureen Monterubio, Andrea Romano, & Kayla Jardine

Edited by: Celine Elliott

GFX: Celine Elliott & Andrea Romano

Executive Producer: Maureen Monterubio & Kayla Jardine

Post-Producers: Karen Aguirre and Kayla Jardine

Head Writer: Kayla Jardine & Andrea Romano

Writers: Karen Aguirre, Abigail Barr, Celine Elliott, Andrea Lindzey, & Andrea Bridges-Smith


Joe Biden/Donald Trump: Andrea Lindzey

Kamala Harris: Sydney Duncan (@sydneyduncanonem)

Reporter: Andrea Bridges-Smith

After years of calling everyone her best friend, one woman is forced to choose… who is her REAL best friend?

Written by: Jessica Leal
Directed by: Maggie Scudder
Edited by: Carsen Smith
Executive Producer: Sarah M. Bartley, Ana Breton
Sound: Carsen Smith
Camera Operator: Alexandra Bock
B Cam Operator: Veronica Dang

Special Guest Appearance by Janeane Garofalo as The Real Best Friend

Julia, Everyone’s Best Friend: Sarah M. Bartley
Emma, Leader of the Confrontation: Kellie Williams
Vicky, Childhood Best Friend: Amanda Gomez-Rivera
Amy, Drunk College Friend: Veronica Dang
Wino/Grey’s Anatomy Friend: Carsen Smith
Gym Friend: Amanda Gomez-Rivera
Julia’s Mom: Veronica Dang
Summer Camp Friend: Veronica Dang
Hippie/Vegan Friend: Amanda Gomez-Rivera
Soccer Friend: Jessica Leal
Bride Friend: Veronica Dang
Megan, Julia’s Sister: Jessica Leal
Devil Muppet: Amanda Gomez-Rivera
Father Skip: Veronica Dang
Joy, Goth Friend: Carsen Smith
Tracey: Amanda Gomez-Rivera
Sprinkles: Billie Jean the Cat

  • She’s Killing It (Teaser)

COMING SOON. A rising comedian becomes possessed after stealing jokes from a haunted joke book.

Miranda Lensky @mirandalensky
Asha Ward @ashatellslies
Rebecca Rose Bulnes @rebeccabulnz
Emily Wirth @ew22
Jocelyn Ramirez @joc_lauren
Emma Huntington @emmahuntington

Directors: Jamie Rice & Nicole Machon @2girls3feet
Written by: Miranda Lesnky, Jamie Rice & Nicole Machon
Producers: Miranda Lensky, Laura Conte, Jamie Rice & Nicole Machon
Editor: Laura Conte @lauracontefilm
Director of Photography: Jamie Rice @jamiehrice

Special Thanks:
Paula Andrea González-Nasser
Paul Ramsdell
Sam Clark
Julian Hernandez
BCC Dog House

Four true-crime-obsessed friends one-up each other about their love of the genre only to find themselves embroiled in a gruesome act of their very own.

Written by: Elizabeth Stamp
Directed by: Carina Jollie & Jessica Rionero
Edited by: Carina Jollie
GFX: Shea Depmore
VFX: Carina Jollie
Executive Producer: Linda Dianne
Line Producer: Mireia Vilanova
Camera Operator: Carina Jollie
Script Supervisor: Ana Maria Defillo
Sound: Denny Greene
Grip: Justin Hankinson
Stunt Coordinator: Ümit Tayanç

Kate: Elizabeth Stamp
Jill: Shea Depmore
Glo: Annabelle Watson
Sam: Cassie Hernandez

  • Life Sucks Alert

Writer: Nora Walls
Editor: Caroline Ulwick
Director: Nora Walls
Producer: Melissa Mayoras
Director of Photography: Melissa Mayoras

Claire – Deirdre Manning
Lucinda – Maggie Maxwell
Geraldine – Alison Williams
Help Center Lady – Melissa Mayoras
Voiceover – Caroline Ulwick

  • Therapy Cove

Writer: Rachel Keller
Editor: Mariah Marasco
Director: Florangel Reyez
Producers: Samantha Evans & Florangel Reyes
Director of Photography: Mariah Marasco
Props: Florangel Reyes and Mariah Marasco


Emily – Megan Phillips

Cassandra – Florangel Reyes

Olivia- Samantha Evans

Penelope – Carmen Carigen

Iris – Sarah Yannie

Lexi – Miranda Fayne

Live Sketches

  • Show and Tell

Written by: Miranda Fayne

Ms. Nancy – Miranda Fayne
Phoebe – Jaclyn Porpiglia
Jenny – Lily Ganser
Paul – Carmen Carigan
Sam – Florangel Reyes
Hannah – Mariah Marasco
Adult Man – Chris Michael

  • Bloody Mary

Written by Maggie Scudder


Becky- Veronica Dang

Amanda- Carol Lee

Riley- Maggie Scudder

  • Skipper
Written by Celine Elliott
Directed Veronica Dang
Starring Veronica Dang, Deirdre Manning, Maggie Maxwell, Flor Reyes
Guitarist Nick Reichheld

Special thanks to Ami Vora, Horacio Gutierrez, The PIT, Nick Reichheld, and many more folks without whom this show could not have happened!