Top Five Halloween Sketches

Spooky season is upon us in full force. There is no better time for tricks AND treats, that means Halloween sketches, BAYBEE!! 

I’ve polled the GOLD community, and now present to you, the very greatest of all spooky Hallow’s Eve sketches. Yay!!!


A classic. This sketch defines the genre. This. Is Halloween. 


Teehee! An undersung hero of internet sketch comedy brings us this goofy gem. 


Astronomy club! All-time greats with an all-time great witchy sketch. So good.


It’s Halloween, you GOTTA hook up in a graveyard! Don’t believe me? Ask Kyle Mooney!


If I’m 100% honest…I don’t GET this one. But I would be banned from every comedy Halloween party on earth if I didn’t include this puppy on our list. So, you’re welcome?

Happy Halloween, ya’ filthy animals! Have fun and go crazy out there.