The Best Hour-long Comedy Specials*

*NOT an exhaustive list, just some of our favorites.

A comedian’s hour is something very special. It’s like a white coat ceremony or passing the Bar Exam. Except, ya’ know, funny. It shows their audience that they’ve moved beyond the standard tight five or tight ten and onto something not only more advanced, but often more intense, personal, and telling. (AND FUNNY!)

This is a list of (some of) our favorite hour-long comedy specials by the folks we admire.

Want to enter the big leagues? GOLD currently offers a “Build Your Hour” intensive course. It is perfect for anyone who needs to assemble an hour of material–comedy, keynotes, TED Talk, solo show, or even a very long Maid-of-Honor speech. You’ll get one-on-one feedback with one of the VERY best in the Biz. Iris Bahr is a solo show savant, an award-winning actress and comedian, and a very coveted coach.

Kate Berlant’s Cinnamon in the Wind

Maria Bamford’s Local Act

Whoopi Goldberg on Broadway

Tig Notaro’s Happy To Be Here

Nicole Byer’s BBW (Big Beautiful Weirdo)

Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra