How many Star Wars TV shows am I gonna have to watch?

There’s like, a lot. A lot of Star Wars tv shows on Disney+, dude. 

I am working my way through Book of Boba Fett and want to watch Obi Wan, because yum. Ewan. But apparently, I need to watch The Bad Batch to fully understand what’s going on??? 

I consider myself a Star Wars fan. I’ve seen all the movies. Even the weird ones, like Solo. I grew up playing with action figures. I had light saber duels with my brother and other neighborhood kids. Carrie Fisher is an icon.

But ever since Disney got their hands on the Star Wars brand, there’s been a significant expansion to the universe and it begs the question:

How much content must a woman consume to be considered a fan?

So, Disney, I ask you, how many do I have to watch? Just give me a number so I can prepare myself.

I’m scrolling through the Disney+ app to figure out how many are on there, but I’d still like Disney to get back to me and tell me how many are coming. So that I can plan. My life. This is getting in the way of my work, and sleep, and relationships. 

1. The Mandalorian, season 3

Cool, coming this December or something. I watched the first two seasons. Very into it.

Obsessed with Baby Yoda, now known as Grogu.

He’s always gonna be Baby Yoda though. We need to be honest with ourselves about that. He’s just a little guy.

And while Mando is brooding and it’s a fun Western episodic, we are all watching for the Baby. The behind-the-scenes episode where Werner Herzog is obsessed with the puppet is very relatable. And Werner Herzog isn’t known for being relatable. 

I will watch more of The Mandalorian. But how many more?

2. The Book of Boba Fett

Already watching. So, fine. Okay.

3. Obi Wan Kenobi

Covered this. I will watch for Ewan. A Scottish yumsicle.

4. The Clone Wars

I will watch it. I know it’s a kids’ show but my boyfriend says I need to watch it to “really understand Anakin’s motivations.” Fine.

But maybe if George Lucas had done a better job on the prequels, I wouldn’t need 7 seasons of a kids’ show to flesh out his backstory and motives, ya feel me? 

(Is this article gonna get me canceled by fanboys?)

5. The Bad Batch

Again, I really like Star Wars. It was a key series in my childhood. I just want to know…do I have to watch this to get what’s happening? Disney? Do I have to?

Cuz these lil’ guys are in Clone Wars, right?

Oh? What’s that? I’m being told by the men in my life that I do have to watch it so… Okay, we’re onto 5 shows. 

6. Star Wars Visions

What is this? What timeline is it even in? Before episode 4, or what? 

7. Resistance

Okay, how about this one? Seems like Disney is gonna say yes. Who even are these smooth faces?

8. Do I have to watch all the Lego ones??

9. Or all the droid ones????

I love the droids but like, how important to the canon could this show be? Because I really have limited hours in my day. Again, I’m not saying I’m not into the Star Wars Cinematic Universe! I am.

But I’m asking to understand the nature of fandom. Disney?

10. EWOKS??!!

Ok, at this point, I’m freaking out. I need to work full time and do a lot of other things, and Disney says I gotta watch these cute little guys?

It’s a show from the 80s, so is it canon or are we ignoring it? Do I need to watch it to “really understand the Ewoks’ motivations?”

Cool, I’m officially overwhelmed. 

11. Star Wars: Andor

Holy f*ck, it looks cool, and like I’m going to have to watch it.

12. The Bad Batch, season 2

Assuming I watch BB season 1, then dammit, I’ll watch this. 

13. Ahsoka

Again, watching the trailer: very cool. She was cool in Mando, and I know she’s in Clone Wars. fuuuuuuuuuuuuu–

14. Lando???? 

15. The Acolyte??????

16. How many, Disney? Please give me a number. Please let me sleep.

I need to plan the rest of my year. I’m juggling a lot of projects and Disney is holding me hostage with these shows. If I want to exist in the fandom, how many do I need to watch? Disney, please. Help.