Corinne Marshall longs to be punk

Corinne Marshall is an American television writer. She is the creator of the Disney television series K.C. Undercover starring Zendaya. She has written for FOX’s Surviving Jack, ABC’s Suburgatory, Adult Swim’s NTSF:SD:SUV, the Comedy Central Roasts, the MTV Movie Awards, and FXX’s Stone Quackers.

What were you like as a teen? 

I was kind of like Darleen on Roseanne except I grew up in midtown Manhattan. I was funny but I thought my snark mouth was just how I coped with having an anxious artsy fartsy personality and I had NO idea that it could be my professional calling. I longed to be a punk… but I also hated drugs, and lying to my parents, and needed perfect silence, darkness, and three heavy blankets to fall asleep at night so it didn’t work out. I was in a fake band called Penis Tastycles where I was supposed to throw raw meat but, shockingly, we never booked a show.

Did you have an un-sexy starter job?

I’ve worked various unappealing jobs since I was 12, but my showbiz “starter” job was as an assistant on a sitcom. I came away with lifelong friends who bore witness to some truly terrible new driver from NYC antics that they still tease me about to this day.

How have skills from non-production jobs transferred into your producing jobs?

I was the mom to a toddler during the lock down era of the pandemic. I CAN DO ANYTHING. I even helped start an impromptu school with other high-risk families that lasted 8 months.

Best comedy or producing advice you ever got?

Wait, people were supposed to give me advice?!

Worst comedy or producing advice you ever got?

About a Russian character: “Make this character from Africa.”

What is your go-to show? 

30 Rock. 

What single word always cracks you up?