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What is GOLD Comedy?

GOLD offers a full spectrum of comedy classes! We’re your one-stop online comedy school and collaborative community for women/non-binary folks—all for one low price. From courses to stage time to the world’s nicest open mic, GOLD is here to be your funny home. That means you may enter as an improv nut and become a standup savant. Here are our flagship classes that are always fresh and hot!

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    Improv 101

    Learn all the basics of “Yes and…”, building a character, getting out of your head, and giving your best “Whose Line” performance.

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    Sketch Comedy 101

    So you love SNL? Here’s your chance to live it: Come learn everything you need to know to be the next best sketch writer.

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    Standup 101

    The ultimate standup course—perfect for total beginners! Here you’ll learn the types of jokes, how to perform them, and how to mine your own life for “unstealable” content.

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    Still Standing

    The stage comic’s ultimate tool is a rock-solid 5-minute set. In this course, we’ll help you craft it.

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Hear what our emerging talent has to say about GOLD.

“GOLD Comedy has helped me improve as a comedian and performer. The feedback is both supportive and constructive. I have made friends from all over that love comedy as much as I do. Ms. Lynn Harris is a superwoman who is changing the world. Don’t miss out and come be a part of it!”

“God, it sounds so super silly but GOLD literally is the answer to my prayers. GOLD is giving me not just the confidence but the tools (classes, performances, direct feedback) to do exactly what I’ve always wanted to do: hone my persona and write smart jokes. The safe beautiful open mic is absolutely my faaaave. I wish I had something funny to close this but all I have are tears of gratitude.”

“GOLD, thank you from the bottom of my heart for building this platform and being an advocate for funny women in a safe environment, and yes you can quote me—hell, I’ll give my first kid if you want it.”

“We saw a tangible shift in our daughter’s confidence after one day with GOLD. It has helped shape her understanding of her own voice, the beautiful power within her, and—uch, I’m getting choked up!”

“Before joining GOLD, I would write something I thought was funny, and then no one would hear it. Because of GOLD, that’ll never happen again!”

“We all get to give feedback and we’re allowed to make period jokes! This is even better than I expected!”

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Comedy stars and pros A your burning Qs live in our GOLD
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  • Ashley Nicole Black

  • Rachel Bloom

  • Aline Brosh McKenna

  • Rachel Dratch

  • Judy Gold

  • Milly Tamarez

  • Maeve Press

  • Negin Farsad

  • Ophira Eisenberg

  • X Mayo

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