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GOLD Comedy gets you access to insights and lessons from the best comics, writers, creators, producers, and directors—all —all in the comedy world built for women/non-binary folks. We’re here to amplify women’s voices. Literally, with mics.

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Welcome! We’re so glad you found us at Catalyst Fest. Below is more information about some of what we get up to. But the best way to really get it is to dive right in. Join today and your first 14 days are free.

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What is GOLD?

The GOLD Comedy Club is a digital comedy community centering women and non-binary folks. Your annual subscription includes classes, weekly celebrity Q&As, performance and gig opportunities, practice, collaboration, and more. Just some of what you can look forward to in October 2022 (included in your annual membership):

  • Standup 101 starting Tuesday, Oct 11 (6-7 PM ET)

    The ultimate standup course—perfect for beginners! Here you’ll learn how to write jokes only YOU could write, assemble them into a set, and perform them for friends and fam!

  • Sketch 201 starting Wednesday, Oct 12 (8-9 PM ET)

    Write, pitch, re-write, rehearse, and put on a fully produced show just like the pros! This is your chance to not only learn what goes into a live sketch comedy review, but to put one on! All under the mentorship of our local sketch expert. (Sketch-pert?)

  • DIY Production on a Shoestring Budget Tuesday, Oct 18 (7-9PM ET)

    Learn how to produce a comedy sketch with accessible equipment and without a lot of cash! Beginners welcome!

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Who is GOLD for?

  • The comedy-curious

    We all know humor has power everywhere, not just on stage.”Make your profile funny!” they say. “Open your talk with a joke!” they say. But they don’t tell you how. WE GOTCHU.

  • The comedy-committed

    Even when you have credits and experience, there’s always room to build your resume and grow your crew of collaborators. Most opportunities come from those working next to you!

  • The creative

    Artists of all stripes benefit from our classes and community. Journalists, visual artists, animators, and more have all zzuzzhed up their work—and their motivation—with skills from our classes.

Digital Production Teams

GOLD’s digital production teams are teams of funny women and nonbinary folks who create sketch, parody, news, musical, and satire shorts. Three-time Emmy-nominated director and producer Ana Bretón serves as teams advisor.

What GOLDies are saying

  • I am sooooooooo happy I found this community. I feel like I belong here and have finally found my true purpose in life.

  • I’ve gained the confidence to speak up in meetings, have my voice heard, and help launch things — so thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone here. GOLD classes and events always make my day!

  • SHY PEOPLE…make the best comedy. For people looking to build confidence without arrogance, comedy is really great for that because you have to practice confidence and humility at the same time (whether it’s in writing or performing).

  • God, it sounds super silly but GOLD literally is the answer to my prayers. GOLD is giving me not just the confidence but the tools (classes, performances, direct feedback) to do exactly what I’ve always wanted to do: hone my persona and write smart jokes. The safe, beautiful open mic is absolutely my faaaave. I wish I had something funny to close this but all I have are tears of gratitude.

  • Maggie's class was the first time that I ever felt like I could truly possibly be a comedy writer.