Think faster, write tighter, get your head in the game: your free daily one-minute comedy workout

Here are the top three ways to get funnier:

  1. Practice.
  2. Hang out with funny people. 
  3. Practice.

How to do all at once—without even leaving your house? 

With GOLD Comedy’s daily prompts!


It’s all on GOLD’s Instagram. Every day: 

  1. WE post a quick funny writing prompt, like “Ruin prom in 5 words” or “I wish my pet could [blank].” 
  2. YOU respond in the comments—as many times as you like!
  3. Our team of non-judgy judges will pick their favorite responses to share in our Insta story! 
  4. Repeat! 

See an example here.

Why get funnier?

No matter what your life goals or interests are, making a little bit of funny every day helps you:

  • get your head in the game
  • write better
  • think sharper
  • stop overthinking
  • let go of perfectionism
  • get snappier with comebacks
  • understand what makes YOU laugh
  • find and hone YOUR authentic voice and unique lens on the world

So follow us on Instagram and start getting funnier every day!

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